Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We had our first heavy snow not too long always causes quite the panic here. People stock up on groceries, drive 2 miles an hour, and everything is cancelled (school, work, sports, life...). The adults groan and look outside at the driveway that needs to be shoveled. When Cate looked outside and discovered the snow, she said, "Mom, the snow is sprinkle-y!". Kids always notice the beautiful little things that we sometimes forget to look at. They want to experience everything they can see (except for the green peppers in their casserole). While the rest of the world is preparing for disaster, children are commenting on caterpillers, pinecones, snakes and snow that sparkles like diamonds.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I was going through some pictures today and I found these ones of my babies. They are so cute. It makes me miss the baby talk and giggly times of 2 years old.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I thought you all should know what a silly little boy I have. He makes me laugh with the "knock, knock" jokes he makes up. He makes my hair gray with his questions- "What's after nap? What's after breakfast? What's after school? What's after lunch? What's after nap? What's after snack?" (oh my word). He'll change his clothes in the middle of the afternoon when he sees what his daddy is wearing so that he can be just like him. He's cuddly and sweet and independant. He'll pick out his clothes in the morning, come out to show me and then say, "Mom, do I look cool?" and of course, with his camoflage-from-head-to-toe look, he really does. (For my sisters...say something about a certain someone that we all know and you'll be in serious trouble.) He'll want to be a big boy and watch a movie that's a little bit scary and then hide under the "magic blanket" when he knows something is going to happen- and tell his sister, "I'll protect you, Cate!" while under said blanket. He loves balls, snakes, danger and blocks, but will still once in awhile ask if he can have some lipgloss, please.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

We braved the wet, slushy roads for a birthday party this afternoon. Cate's friend, Halee, had a dress-up party, complete with makeup, jewelry and a fashion show. Cate was in her element, dressed in a lacy blue number with her red satin shoes and boa. They all walked carefully down the paper runway to accept their prizes for "Biggest Smile", "Best Makeup" and "Best Walk". And then on to decorate headbands and have a piece of chocolate cake. It was a girly, giggly, beautiful kind of party that every little princess shouldn't be without. And all the boys wrestled in the basement.

Friday, November 30, 2007

As all normal American families did (or at least the ones in my city), we spent last evening at Buffalo Wild Wings up to our elbows in barbeque sauce and wings, our eyes plastered to the big screen. It was the big Packers/Cowboys game. Even our children could feel the excitement and were yelling up at the screen, "Go Pack! Go Pack!" and Cate would cheer when she saw that one of the guys in green had the ball. She was only half watching though- she had brought along markers and paper and was keeping herself quite happily entertained with her pictures, stopping every once in awhile to look at the TV or ask me how to spell something. Joel was quite content to sit there and eat for three hours. Of course we all know the Packers lost, but it was a fun time anyway. And I'm sure we'll be back there in a couple of weeks despite the 45 minute wait and the deafening noise.

Monday, November 26, 2007

We just recently took our dreaded (by the parents) annual trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Thankfully the pizza is tasty and there are "shoot 'em up" games for the husbands. Actually, it always ends up being fun and we get such awesome prizes as eyeball rings, tootsie rolls and friendship bracelets. There's no better way to spend $50 and a half hour of your time.

Christmas is my favorite season. I love all the decorations, the smell of cinnamon, the sound of Bing singing "Have yourself a merry little Christmas...", the taste of eggnog and setting up the tree- which we've had done for over a week. Christmas means I can do some guilt-free shopping (my favorite pastime), and wrap gifts. My children will behave under the assumption (or maybe threat) that Santa Claus doesn't visit naughty little children. They make me giggle with their requests for a refrigerator, a car, and a baby sibling. Such things that they will not get. Happy holiday season to you all!