Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cate has been asking to get her hair cut lately. She, like me, loves it short. So today we went in and had it done.
Before front
Before side
After front
After side

Now isn't that the cutest haircut you've ever seen? I have to say this is my favorite- even though it does make her look a few years older.

Here are some very good finds from last week...
I went looking for shirts for my growing belly and found instead good deals on kids clothes! Cate has been growing out of her summer things, so I needed a few filler items- including legging shorts for under dresses (which she wears most days). This denim jacket for Joel for the Fall was $2.99. Everything together was just over $16. I was very excited to say the least!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cate and Joel have been asking Grandpa Roy to take them fishing for a few months and today they finally got their chance. The three of them went to the lake for awhile to try their hand. The kids had to bait their own hooks, hold their poles and reel in the line. They had some help casting, but for the most part did everything else by themselves.

The three fishermen.
Joel after the first fifteen minutes.
Cate caught two catfish and helped grandpa clean and fillet them.
And for the enjoyment of those who know me well....I fried them for her for supper, despite a great dislike of fish, being in my first trimester of pregnancy and the permanent smell of fried fish. I guess I must kind of like her.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cate and I spent this last weekend at Teddy Bear Camp for 1st and 2nd graders. She thoroughly enjoyed it though she was bit nervous around so many new people. The first day we were there it rained very heavily and made for some chilly and unhappy kids. Until the games began. There was a campfire that evening with songs, devotional and s'mores (delish!).

Cate atop her bunk looking for all the world like a seasoned camper.
They had many crafts for the campers to make. This one is a bag they painted footprints on. The theme for the weekend was "Walk His Way".
Cate made several new friends, but this one is Anna. She and Cate were inseperable for most of the two days we were there. Cate is excited to go back next year and see her again.

Though it was a little sad that she's old enough to go to camp (even with a parent), it was fun to see her in that environment that I so enjoyed when I was young.