Sunday, November 2, 2008

My day today has been filled with such treasures as,

"Can Daddy lift a table with his pinky?"

"Why don't ALL houses have plungers, Mommy?"


"If at first you don't susseed, try, try again."

Children are one of the many reminders God has given us to laugh.


Dad and Con said...

Amen to that, Carrie! HE was certainly smiling on you and Roger!You must be very proud, as I am of you! Grampa

Abbi said...

You certianly are right about God giving us children to keep us laughing. We certianly enjoy ours. Last night at supper they all (including Megan) were telling the stupidist Knock Knock jokes but we were laughing becasue they actually thought they were funny. There are just so many things they say and do that cause us to laugh.

Ken and I tried watching Sat. night live a week or so ago (when Sarah Palin was on) and we found it to be so incredibly stupid and our thought was that those people must be half asleep for them to think all of that is funny and they must not have little children to teach them what real laughter is all about.

martha said...

I think that while a father is deployed he grows to be quite huge. Because, my children asked questions like that about their Papa too as in- "Does papa fit through the door?"