Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am no chef. When I married, I could make boxed mac and cheese, frozen pizzas and almost anything instant. But, oh how I tried! I have concocted all manner of meals that I thought would be delicious, burned weeks worth of groceries and misread countless recipes (i.e. adding soda instead of powder, salt rather than sugar).
Though progress has been made...there are many, many things that, quite frankly, intimidate me. Mostly they are the down-home, grandma kind of foods such as roast with potatoes, beef stew and...chicken noodle soup.
Until tonight. My son is feeling ill. Chicken soup, being the all-sickness cure, was needed. With sweaty palms and a firm resolve I boiled some chicken. It worked! So I added some carrots, onion and celery. Beautiful. Minimal spices and some noodles....voila!

I am quite proud. And in case you cannot taste the goodness through the computer screen, it was delightful.


Terry Morris said...

proud of you it looks good. But you are a better cook than you give yourself credit for. Love you Angie

martha said...

It looks delightful. so proud of you. :) I hope Joel gets to feeling better quickly.