Tuesday, October 7, 2008

These things will hopefully be the makings of a pink/princess clown costume for Cate. I had been asking both of my kids to be a clown for years, but they always want something far more "exciting". This year I was able to convince Cate to be a "clown princess". Yay! All so I could make a fabulous costume- after all how can you mess up a clown costume? Piece of cake! I must confess that I am no seamstress. I started this process yesterday with the pants- thinking to get the easier part out of the way. And, of course, I thought to "wing it". I finished the pants and much to my amazement they looked quite like clown pants- until I tried them on Cate and realized that they are a quite a bit snug. I immediately called my mom (as I do in my moments of distress for she is a wealth of knowledge on all things domestic) who said it was no big deal and I could fix it easily (in theory at least).
I am waiting for talent to be bestowed upon me- any talent. Until then I will grit my teeth and persevere. This costume WILL get finished!


Jennifer said...

Haha! Fun! You make me smile! You're so "go get em" :) I wanna see the final deal!

Abbi said...

That sounds like a fun costume to make. I hope it goes well and I agree with Jenny that I would like to see the final product. I have been having my own problems with making things without a pattern. I have been working on making underwear for Megan and the first one was very snug! The are improving though and I am just using old t-shirts for cloth so it is no big loss. :-)

Minkydo said...

lol…I would have called your mom too. She is brilliant with sewing stuff. She should be she's had enough practice :)

Can't wait to see a pic of Cate in her costume.