Sunday, October 12, 2008

We spent the afternoon at a nearby apple orchard/ pumpkin patch the other day. We love this apple orchard. They have several varieties of delicious apples (Cortlands being my current favorite). And we were able to ride out and pick our own, which Cate and Joel thoroughly enjoyed.
They enjoyed seeing some of the aspects of harvesting apples. Joel found this machine to be quite fascinating.
And there were many delectable treats available. Last year we had gotten some caramel apple crisp mix that was absolutely delicious! This year we bought some of their homemade caramel and 10 pounds of apples that I plan to make into breads, applesauce and, of course, apple crisp. These apples are perfect munching as well. While there I learned that the apples we buy in grocery stores have been pumped full of so many chemicals and such that the ones they sell as fresh could be as many as five years old. I found that to be quite disturbing- not to mention disgusting.

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Abbi said...

We have really been enjoying fresh from the tree apples as well. They do taste a whole lot better!!